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With a will or intestate

Probate law can be tough to navigate alone and is often overwhelming, particularly after a loss. Dealing with the estate of a loved one after their passing should not be a daunting task. Whether simple or complex, you need an attorney who understands the sensitive nature and importance of the task. Let me help you through life's difficult moments. 


Disabled Adult or Child

Guardianship of a disabled adult or child is one of the more important roles you can serve in for another person. I have experience as both an attorney establishing guardianship and court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem . My focus is always on the best possible outcome of the disabled person or child. Their interests will always be my first consideration. Let me help you provide your loved one with the protection and safety of guardianship. 

Elder Law

Guardianship, Wills, Power of Attorney

As we age our needs become unique in every way, including our legal needs. Elder law issues are often deeply personal, sensitive,  and unique for every person. I offer tailored services to fit every persons needs and circumstances. We will take necessary time to educate clients and make sure they understand all of their options. Whether it's estate planning, advanced directives, power of attorney, wills, or other simple or complex matters we are here for you. Having a guide through these issues can reduce the anxiety of the unknown. 

Real Estate

Residential real estate sales or purchases

Your home is often your largest asset and the most important purchase you are likely to make. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, having an attorney to look after your best interests can be very helpful. I would like to help you negotiate the best deal for your home and ensure the sale or purchase is as smooth and painless as possible. You can also have peace of mind knowing there is someone in your corner working to make the sale or purchase of your home as enjoyable as it should be. Whether you are selling, buying or relocating let me help you on your way.

Estate Planning

Wills, Power of Attorney, POLST/DNR

Life is unpredictable. Estate Planning is your opportunity to plan for the unexpected as well as the inevitable. These conversations can be difficult and emotional. It's helpful to have someone to guide you through the discussion from a neutral point of view. Whether it's a Will, Power of Attorney, POLST/DNR or Trust for your family Estate Planning is an opportunity to ensure your estate is shared according to your wishes. Estate Planning is a tool to help take the anxiety out of an already difficult time for your family and friends.   

Family Law

I'm sorry, but I am no longer taking on family law cases. However, please feel free to contact me and I will recommend a family law lawyer.

Pre or post-adjudication


Practice & Mediation

I try to maintain a general practice for the needs of my clients. Sometimes you just need a question answered or simple matter handled. I offer general practice services on a limited basis. I also offer unbundled services, in case you just need a document written, partial representation, or help with a small portion of your case. I also have a network of attorneys whom I work within the event you need legal help outside of my practice areas. I only recommend attorneys whom I know and trust.

Mediation is also a growing part of my practice. Mediation has many advantages and can be the answer you are looking for. Mediation offers a reduced time and cost to resolution, offers solutions which may not be available in court, and often more satisfying results. There are many instances where mediation can be the answer you are looking for. Please contact me for more information.

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